Client Testimonials

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Listen to what some of our clients are saying:

After a career in marketing I came late to the mortgage industry. In the 1st year I tried some other brokerages before coming home to Morcan. The family atmosphere together with the integrity that matches my own, allows me to unequivocally endorse Morcan, as the only brokerage for me. I love the atmosphere, the people, the training and the compensation and have no hesitation in recommending this brokerage.

John Benstead Top agent in Canada and Morcan Agent since 2005

I have been with Morcan Financial since 1997. I have been approached by many other companies with offers to join but none match the value proposition and the family atmosphere of Morcan Financial. At Morcan I do not feel like just another agent. Their regular focus group meetings and open door policy allows me to give input and be heard. Thanks Morcan!

Christina Burke, a top agent in Canada. With Morcan Financial since its inception in 1997. Located in Toronto, Ontario.

Ever since I started with Morcan I knew this was the company I wanted to be with. The support I receive, the family atmosphere and the ease and flexibility of getting paid is 2nd to none. I tell everyone I know who is unhappy where they are to come and join and they have been thanking me ever since. I seriously think you should come and talk to the staff at Morcan. You will not be disappointed.

Kerryon Nugent Top agent in Canada and Morcan Team Leader. With Morcan since 2003.

Morcans training and support allowed me to learn and grow into a very successful mortgage agent. Now I am allowed the freedom I want to run my own operation with the support and family atmosphere I enjoy. This combination is 2nd to none. I encourage anyone looking for a change to contact Morcan. You will not regret it!

Marcus Tzaferis, Top agent in Canada and Team Leader. With Morcan since 2003.

I have been with Morcan for about 6 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Having worked for a major bank for many years, I like the professionalism, ethics and strong lender relationships Morcan has established. This combined with the fact that I feel like I am part of a family that cares about me both personal and business. I can call them anytime and talk to someone live that gives valuable and current information. I also enjoy the fact that no one thinks of themselves as more important than anyone else. Everyone gets along and helps each other. If you are looking for a brokerage to call home, Morcan is the place to be.

Van Raja Top agent and team leader with Morcan Financial Inc.